buy co-codamol online .Co-codamol is a type of pain relief medicine that contains both paracetamol and codeine

It is sometimes prescribed when other pain relief like paracetamol alone or ibuprofen have not alleviated the pain

Low dose co-codamol can be bought from pharmacies, but higher strength co-codamol can only be obtained if you have a prescription from a doctor or pharmacist

The codeine in co-codamol can become addictive, so you should take steps to limit your use, such as stretching doses or using none-codeine based medications when your pain is not as strong.

Co-codamol is sometimes known by its brand names Solpadol, Kapake and Zapain.

It is important to read the patient leaflet of the medicine for a full list of side effects and cautions.

Co-codamol tablets contain both paracetamol and co-codamol online

Paracetamol works by blocking the chemical messengers of pain. This means that our sensation of pain is reduced.

Codeine is a form of opiate pain relief. Codeine blocks the signals of pain that would normally travel along nerve cells. This means that the pain messages do not reach the brain, further reducing our sensation of pain.

Taking two different types of pain relief medication can be a more effective way of managing pain. Combining the drugs in one tablet also minimises the number of medications a person needs to take each day.

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