buy nitrazepam.Nitrazepam is a type of benzodiazepine medication

Nitrazepam is used to treat severe insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep)

The underlying cause of the insomnia should be investigated prior to prescribing nitrazepam

Nitrazepam should only be prescribed for short term use, as long term use can lead to dependence or addiction

Nitrazepam is sometimes known by its trade name Mogadon

Nitrazepam can lead to sleepiness or a slower reaction time the following day – it is important not to drive or operate heavy machinery if this is the case

It is important to read the patient leaflet for a full list of side effects and cautions.

How Does Nitrazepam Work?

buy diazepam uk .Nitrazepam changes the way that neurotransmitters in the brain pass on messages. The change in these brain chemicals has a calming effect which can help you get to sleep more easily.

Nitrazepam is often used for one to three weeks to help with insomnia. If it used for longer than this, there is a risk of it becoming less effective. The risk of becoming dependent on the medication also increases. Long term use of nitrazepam can lead to feelings of nitrazepam

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